Sunday, March 07, 2010

Symposium Remembrances 2006

Our 10th Biannual Herbal Symposium was held on May 6, 2006. The theme of "The Garden, Mind Body & Soul" featured guest speaker Brenda Ginther, owner of Wooden Shoe Herb Farm in Mason, MI. Brenda spoke on "Lovely Lavender" and demonstrated "Designs from Nature". Brenda brought lavender plants to purchase. Her bio was in the brochure:

This year our chairpersons were Julie Hubbs and Sally Gifford. I should mention that every year we have had a beautifully staged "groaning board" breakfast pastry and tea table for our guests to partake as they shop and get settled in the hall.

The luncheon menu included: Oriental Chicken Salad, Fruit Kabob, Cranberry-Orange Bread with Orange Butter and Mint garnish, Brownie with Raspberry Sauce, Lavender Lemonade and Scented Geranium Punch.

The workshops (and teachers) were:
Simple Wreaths (Marion Armstrong)
Tea Tasting (Della Helton)
Gift in a Jar (Norma Jones)
How to Create a Theme Tea (Demo by Linda Patterson)
Labyrinths and Garden Mazes (Demo by Betsy Stevens)
Stamping Creations (Robin Mickiewicz)
Language of Flowers - Tussie Mussies (Barb Kaiser)
Pressed Flower Card and Magnet (Ulrike Vanover)

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