Sunday, March 07, 2010

Symposium Remembrances 2004

I believe this is the year we began to hold our Herb Symposiums on alternate years. The theme for our 9th (now) Biannual Symposium? "Herban Renewal"! with returning guest speaker, Beulah Hargrove.
Beulah demonstrated "Making a Living Wreath" and "Making and Using Herbal Tinctures". Our speaker also brought live plants to sell. (All of our speakers have been encouraged to sell their specialty wares, to help defray their costs.)

Our May 1, 2004 event was chaired by Glenda Stevenson. The price was raised to $30.
The Luncheon menu included: a Fruit-Vegetable Skewer, Creamy Leek Soup, Chicken Salad on Lettuce Leaf, Mexican Wedding Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, and Rosemary infused Punch.

Workshops (and teachers) were:
Starting an Herb Garden (Marion Armstrong)
Make Tea, Taste Tea, Take Tea (Della Helton)
Glass Painting (Norma Jones)
Flower Arranging From The Garden (Linda Patterson)
Herbal Housekeeping (Betsy Stevens)
A Bag, A Tag, A Box (Glenda Stevenson)
Herbal Recipe Book (MaryLynn Turner)
Pressed Flower Photo Holder (Ulrike Vanover)

True to Glenda's stylish creativity, the programs were packaged in folded stamped envelopes with the recipes provided on small cards. Neat!

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